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What is a metrological confirmation?


According to NF EN ISO 10012, 3.5) metrological confirmation is a set of operations required to ensure that measuring equipment conforms to the requirements for its intended use. NOTE 1. Metrological confirmation generally includes calibration and verification, any necessary adjustment or repair, and subsequent recalibration, comparison with the metrological requirements for the intended use of the equipment, as well as any required sealing and labelling. NOTE 2. Metrological confirmation is not achieved until and unless the fitness of the measuring equipment for the intended use has been demonstrated and documented. NOTE 3. The requirements for intended use include such considerations as range, resolution and maximum permissible errors. NOTE 4. Metrological requirements are usually distinct from, and are not specified in, product requirements. NOTE5. Adiagram of the processes involved in metrological confirmation is given in Figure 2.

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