Gas Analysis 2022

Gas Analysis Symposium and Exhibition

The 11th GAS ANALYSIS Symposium will be held from 17 to 20 May 2022 in Paris (France), in partnership with the Global Industrie/Measurement World.

Over the years, GAS ANALYSIS has positioned itself as the world Symposium for gas analysis by covering themes responding to global challenges, and dealing with the latest cutting-edge advances and applications in the industry.

The event attracts the stakeholders in the sector: experts, policy makers, technical managers, R&D and research laboratories, manufacturers and end-users.

The Symposium will be run under 3 key application axes: Environment, Energy/BioGas and Health.

The programme is dedicated to Green Industry

It will include oral and poster presentations, tutorials as well as social networking events.
The latest advances in gas metrology, energy transition, industrial innovations and air quality will be addressed. Other elements at the rendez-vous: measurement systems, validation and uncercainties, emission and contamination control, accreditation and risk assessment ...

The exhibition is linked to Instrumentation, Metrology and Analysis topics

GAS Analysis is organised in partnership with Global Industrie/Measurement World, the leading fair dedicated to industry and 4.0 evolutions in France.
The GAS Analysis exhibitors will benefit from a privileged place in the space dedicated to Instrumentation, Metrology and Analysis, and in close contact with the Symposium audience and rooms.

The Press Release announcing the event, here.

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