The CFM Think Tank on the Future of Metrology

    Creative Metrology is a working group of the CFM dealing with Metrology of the future. It is made up of players in measurement and digital fields, industry and laboratories. The group aims to lay the foundations for a new metrology able to challenge topics related to the factory of the future.

    A special group has been created on Linked In to open a discussion and to disseminate part of the news and projects of the working group.

    The booklet "Measurement and Metrology: What Future?". Written in French by industrial experts, the document is a first feedback of the working group

    Creative Metrology topics are adressed during the International Metrology Congress.

    Take part in the Creative Metrology group on Linked In with the link here below.


    When the Industry goes Green

    Over the years, the GAS Analysis Event has positioned itself as the world symposium for gas analysis by covering themes responding to global challenges.

    Seen as the best forum for discussing the latest cutting-edge advances and applications in the industry, it attracts many stakeholders in the sector : experts, policy makers, technical managers, research laboratories, manufacturersand end-users.

    The symposium will be run under 3 key application axes: Environment and Energy/BioGas.

    The 11th GAS Analysis Symposium & Exhibition will be held from 17 to 20 May 2022 in Paris (France)in partnership with Measurement World and Global Industrie, the leading fair dedicated to industry and 4.0 evolutions.

    Mark your calendars!!


    In Measurement We Trust

    The International Metrology Congress is an every-two year experience, punctuated by 200 presentations and 6 Round Table sessions exploring the evolution of techniques, advances in R&D and industrial applications.

    The Congress is organised in partnership with the Measurement World exhibition, and allow the international measurement ecosystem to come and discover new technologies and processes.

    In 2019, the participants agree about the content quality and conviviality, with a satisfaction rate of more than 92 % of the audience.

    For 2021, the event will be highlighted by the enthusiastic baseline "In Measurement we Trust".

    See you there!

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