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    CIM 2017: 18th International Metrology Congress

    The CIM 2017 will be held from 19 to 21 September in Paris with ENOVA Technology Show.
    The congress deals with R&D and best practices for Measurement and Metrology in industry through: Oral and Posters presentations, Round tables and an exhibition showcasing innovations and measurement's professionnals.

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    A new President of CFM

    The CFM General Meeting was held on 23 March at Colas Ecoliant, and was followed by a tour of the Colas R&D laboratories and the development and testing site of the famous solar road.

    A new President was elected at the meeting: Cosimi Corleto, director of STIL, takes over the post at the age of 52, with nearly 30 years of experience in the measurement sector. The appointment brings CFM new momentum and ambition for 2020.

    The Board of Directors also welcomed three new members: Benoit Gottié of Safran Aircraft Engines, David Hamel of Renault and Marie-France Radenez of Carl Zeiss.

  • CIM 2017: 18th International Metrology Congress
  • A new President of CFM


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